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Carrie Cranberry

Wake Up Each Day Stronger Than Before

Carrie Cranberry's Bio:

I believe that the healthiest most attractive body people want is not the 80′s “puffy” bodybuilder style. Sure those guys and gals are strong, kudos to them for striving to achieve what they have. Having that kind of body however is not going to give you the all-round fitness that means you can run further and fast than the danger behind you, lift that heavyweight that has fallen on someone and trapped them in a life or death situation, AND be able to do all the other sports and activities you want to. I could share with you in figures about declining health and increasing waistlines but I simply encourage you to look around you. The health of the world and in many ways the health of the western world is at best in a dire situation.

Carrie Cranberry's Interests & Activities:

Fitness, Yoga, Traveling

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